Looking for the perfect set

Looking for to discover which Os Richard Stallman uses I’ve found it in The Setup site. This site contains lots of setups from people around the globe in different jobs.

This setup thing bugs me a bit, and that’s not from now. There’s sometime that I’m looking for the “perfect set”. This magical stuff is divided in two parts, the hardware and software. In the hardware field I’m quite a bit satisfied, the only part missing is a smartphone/tablet that I don’t know which to decide. And most of all trouble lays in the software.

In my own opinion software has to create experience, it has to make me use it and therefore be useful. Two other points that are also a must is design and simplicity. Please I beg you don’t make me use ugly software and/or overloaded ones. This hurts!

Well, now I’ll begin writing down about my quest on finding this magical and precious stuff.

Ah… for the record, the softwares I use on my daily basis are:

  • Firefox and Chrome
  • VLC and iTunes
  • VIM and Sublime Text 2
  • Terminal
  • Preview or Evince
  • Alfred
  • Dropbox
  • Evernote
  • Mac OS Lion, Fedora and Ubuntu

Later I’ll talk a bit more about some of those.